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Casting is the technique by which glass is melted into a more or less closed mold in order to achieve artistic and sculptural pieces from solid glass.

In this technique, the real difficulty lies in the making of the mold that will allow us to melt the glass inside, resulting in a piece of glass identical to the original. Different processes are used, such as lost wax sculpture or ceramic materials capable of withstanding high temperatures that will melt the glass inside, typically around 1000 ° C.

Tot Vidre Gibernau doesn't normally work this technique, David Gibernau ocassionally uses it to create trophies, as well as sculptures and decorative pieces for exhibitions and competition.

This technique allows for the reproduction of many objects. A good example are the tennis shoes shown in the photograph, which were the first pair worn by its owner and are now inmortalized forever in a decorative piece.

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