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Tot Vidre Gibernau is a family owned business started in 1985 by Joan and David Gibernau, with Candelaria Bach and Coral Gibernau joining in later at different times. From the start, the company has centered on an artisan outlook and recovery of non-industrialized processes. Proof of this is the recognition of both father and son as artisans by the Artisan Craft Council of Catalonia.

Tot Vidre Gibernau
always works as a company under contract. The process begins with a personalized study of the needs of our client, performing a project and a cost estimate. If necessary, the company will resort to other artisans or professionals to ensure that once the project is approved by the client, a traditional process that leads to the realization of a single piece that fulfills the customer's expectations is achieved.

Over the years the company has been specializing in producing and creating bent and fused glass in large pieces, it has one of the largest kilns in Spain, which allows the completion of unique pieces such as the
Fluvia Christ, the only altarpiece built entirely of glass. 8.5 x 6.5 meters of fused glass, designed by the Empordà artist Josep Ministral for the church of Bascara (Girona).

This does not limit the ability to create pieces of glass spanning all areas. A trophy, sink, sign, sculpture, bath or shower, or an enclosure skylight just to name a few, can be made without any problem. The limit is set by the customer's imagination.

At present our company is investigating the creation of custom-made textured glass for decorative applications. Soon we hope to have a brochure posted on our webpage.

Tot Vidre Gibernau has experienced personnel and all the necessary means to control the entire process, starting from the design, production and installation of each job it performs.

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