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Bent glass can basically achieve curved glass or sheet glass that become objects.

Curved glass for construction and decorative purposes is usually placed in the kiln at a low temperature to maintain the transparency and fit a mold usually custom-made of stainless steel.

When we increase the temperature we can customize the glass into a mold achieving utilitarian objects, such as a sink, a frame for a mirror, the typical ashtray or tray and a long list of pieces that can be made with this technique.

Tot Vidre Gibernau has the capacity to bend glass in convex or concave curves or a mixture of the two with a maximum size of 260 x 180 cm and a curve depth of 50 cm. This technique is applicable to both monolithic clear glass as well as previously fused glass which dramatically broadens the capabilities and application of decorative glass.

vidrio curvado en "S" con inclusiones de mica y esmaltes

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